Reduce Your Carbon Footprint — Take the Train!

A getaway in the idyllic mountain town of Glenwood Springs sounds great, but who wants to deal with weekend traffic? Luckily, with Amtrak, you don’t have to! The train from Denver (or even farther) to Glenwood Springs is a great alternative. Here’s why.

Easier on the Environment

Yes, a train ticket can be more expensive than the price of gas — no denying that. But you’re helping save a much more important resource than money, and that’s our environment. Colorado’s stunning wilderness is more sensitive to environmental change than a lot of areas and has been susceptible in recent years to climate-change-related threats like the spread of pine bark beetles and diminishing snowpack. Reducing our carbon footprint is a real priority. And the fact is, trains are consistently more efficient than cars at transporting people long distances.

Less Time in the Car

“Wait,” you might be thinking, “doesn’t the train take a lot longer?” Well, yes and no. Sure, the train is slower. It leaves Denver at 8:05 a.m. and pulls into the station in Glenwood Springs at 1:46 p.m., five hours and 41 minutes later. But if you drove, you’d probably be leaving Denver after work on a Friday, and weekend traffic can easily bump that drive to four hours.

Besides, you’d be spending those four hours in your car. Stop-and-go traffic, unable to get up and stretch your legs, with nothing but a podcast or music to keep you entertained — that’s no fun for anyone. 

On the train, you might be sacrificing another hour or two, but you’re spending that time in style and comfort, surrounded by spectacular views of the Colorado Rockies. You don’t have to worry about traffic or road conditions, which can be scary in the winter. You can even read a book and enjoy a glass of wine while the aspen groves and soaring peaks pass by your window — beat that, cars!

The Convenience of Glenwood Springs

Once you get to Glenwood Springs, won’t you need a car? As it turns out, probably not! There’s tons to do in Glenwood and the surrounding areas even if you don’t have your own transportation:

  • Food and drink: Hotel Denver is located east of Grand Avenue on 7th Street, in the heart of what we locals call Restaurant Row. Whether you’re looking for modern American cuisine, pizza, a fancy steak, seafood, or a casual burger and a beer, you’ll find it all within a hundred yards of our front steps.
  • The famous hot springs: Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is the largest naturally-heated pool in the world, with a 104-degree soaking pool, 30,000 square foot soaking pool, and brand new Sopris Splash Zone providing fun and relaxation for kids of all ages. And it’s right across the river from our hotel! Five minutes’ walk on the pedestrian bridge and you’ll be soaking your stresses away. For a full spa experience, Yampah Vapor Caves are right next to the main pool facility

Iron Mountain Hot Springs is a little over a mile down the road, but it’s a simple matter of calling a car service (or a 20-minute walk if it’s nice out) and you can enjoy each one of its 16 mineral-rich pools.

  • Hitting the slopes: Sunlight Mountain Resort is the hidden gem of the Colorado ski scene, boasting beginner slopes, moguls, glades, and some of the steepest lift-accessed terrain in the state — for half the price of Aspen and Vail. Best of all, the shuttle up to the mountain is only $5 each way and leaves from Hotel Denver every morning. No car needed!
  • Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park: One of our town’s main attractions, the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is America’s only mountaintop amusement park. At the top of the gondola ride, you’ll find activities like panning for gemstones and a climbing wall, thrill rides like the Giant Swing and Alpine Coaster, cave tours, and a restaurant with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and canyons. And all this excitement and adventure is only a mile from the Hotel Denver!
  • Hiking and biking: Western Colorado is famous for its world-class hiking and biking trails, and you can access tons of them right from the hotel! Just up the road is the trailhead to the grave of Doc Holliday, the famous gunslinger who lived out his last days in Glenwood Springs. West of town is the road up Red Mountain, granting spectacular views of Mount Sopris and the Roaring Fork Valley. If you want to hike to the idyllic Hanging Lake, the only way to access it is via the shuttle that leaves from downtown, steps from the hotel. And if you want to venture farther afoot, the Roaring Fork Valley has an excellent public transit system that can take you to Carbondale, Aspen, and beyond!

Stay at the Hotel Denver

No matter what your Glenwood Springs adventure involves, the Hotel Denver is the perfect place to call home base. With our uniquely appointed and artfully decorated rooms, sweeping mountain views, and in-house coffee shop and brewpub, you’ll never want to leave! Best of all, the train station is right across the street. Book your mountain getaway today!

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